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eclipsis 07

Βώλακας - Στιγμές από τα Δρώμενα

A live recording of a pagan folk celebration held every year between 6-8 of January in Volakas village, North Hellas.

Limited to 100 handnumbered copies.
(few available as most of them were given for free to Volakas people)

Pro-printed cdr with 5 double sided postcards all in handmade cloth bag with bell

Concept, Fotos, Recording: eclipsis

Artwork: Georgia M.

Cloth bag: Gionoul O.

Sound processing: echOmusic, audiosqueezer

Released: 06/01/2016

1. Μπάρα
2. Χαράπια
3. Αρκούδες
4. Γάμος

Total time: 36:16

Status: available